Monday, March 18, 2013

Some Changes...

I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but don't fret, I'm still here, and just about ready to go again.  We've got some changes that are in the making, and you'll find more all about those in upcoming posts.

First, though, I'm going to do a little sprucing up around here.  I'm also going to post Brand New We on Bloglovin'.  If you use Google Reader to follow blogs, and, like me, are really upset at the fact that Google will be discontinuing it, prehaps you can, also like me, switch to Bloglovin'.  It's got a great, simple interface for blogs. If you do switch to Bloglovin', please follow me! You can do so by clicking on this link:

If you don't know what Bloglovin' is, or what it means to "follow" someone's blog, let me take a minute to explain.  Be warned, this will be the simplified, laymen's explanation...nothing fancy here. 

If you read several different blogs, you could definitely benefit from having them all be accessible from one place, right? For instance, I read eleven different blogs. (It might sound like a lot, but it's child's play, really.) I could type in their individual URLs every time I wanted to read a new blog, but that would involve remembering to check on eleven different websites every time I wanted to catch up on my reading.  That's no good.  It would be far better to be able to access all eleven blogs from one website, right? Right.  That is exactly what Bloglovin' does.  I choose to follow my blogs, click one button to do so, and from then on, all of my blogs are available to me with just one click...instead of eleven.  Every time one of my favorite blogs posts something new, that post comes to my Bloglovin' page, all shiny and new and easy to read. 

To use Bloglovin' you do need to create an account, but it is as simple as an email and a password and you're in. Bada boom.