Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy HoliDIYs

If you caught my last post, hailing the little details of my Christmas mantel, then you saw some of the last month's proudest accomplishments.  Dan and I found ourselves heading into this Christmas season stockingless.  And even if we'd had stockings, it would have been a hopeless case, for we had no stocking holders. But now, oh, now we do.

I'm fairly proud of how these came together, mostly because it was not something I saw on Pinterest first.  Nothing really drives me to be creative than being...well, required to be creative.  I would have been totaly okay with buying some stocking holders, but we couldn't find any.  I didn't see any at World Market, Target,  WalMart...the Dollar Tree had some, but I'm not sure they would have been able to hold up a paper snowflake, much less a stuffed stocking.  So when push came to shove, I decided to make my own stocking holders. Take that. 

(Incidentally, I just yesterday saw some at KMart that are awesome. Ah well, a day late and a dollar short, I guess. [No, not a dollar short. Mine were cheaper.])

So let's look at how it was done, eh?

I found these wooden laser-cut trees at Michael's on clearance. Maybe a dollar apiece? I was intending to paint them, but...well, then I couldn't find my paint. So I used this "Bronze" sharpie and got to coloring. 

I trimmed up the sticky strip on a 3M plastic wall hook (it says it holds up to 3lbs) and, after coloring that, too, I stuck it to the base of my tree. 

For my weighted base--the part of the stocking holder that really does the work--I found these KraftyKubes at Michael's.  I had some Frosted Glass spray paint sitting around from a different project, so I put that to work, too.  They had a convenient hole in the bottom that would work perfectly for placing some lights, so I thought the frosted look would help it all seem glowier. (Not a word. But it is all glowier.)

After my blocks were all sprayed up, it was just a matter of some glue--of the super kind--and some light stuffing.

And now they're holding stockings like little Christmas champions. Hooray!!

Happy HoliDIYs. :) So cheesy. I know. Love it. 


  1. These are very creative - you are so clever!! Make sure to post a pic on your pinterest page too!

  2. Listen. You are too much for me to handle. I've pretty much decided I'm kidnapping you and letting you loose in my house. "Ok, Jessica, GO! Prettify ALL THE THINGS!" Also, let's address this little offhand comment: "I had some Frosted Glass spray sitting around from a different project." Listen. I don't have any Frosted Glass spray paint sitting around from a different project. I also don't have any different projects. All the more reason for me to kidnap you. You have Frosted Glass spray paint just sitting around your house! P.S. They're beautiful.

  3. I think an explanation of how to make cute stockings from uncomfortable sweaters would be a good read. The part where you and Mom are working together should be worth the read.

    1. i agree with dad on that one i would read about a stocking adventure. but hey i would really read just about anything you do =]

  4. Love them!! Especially the stockings :)

  5. I love this! So chic! It's so great that you put that block behind it to create such a gorgeous back light!