Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekly Five

As promised in my last, more serious post, I am back for a second time in one day to post and link up to a Weekly Five party going on over at Redirected Dreams. I even made a special trip to WalMart to purchase a card reader so that you could see my weekly five. (I figured since I deprived you of pictures earlier, I couldn't do that twice in one day...)

So now, without further ado, I present to you my weekly five - that which has blessed me the most in the last week.

Coming in at number one on my weekly five are two of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  My brother, Jonathan, and my mom, Mary Beth, both celebrated birthdays this past week.  I love my family beyond anything in the whole world, and I am always happy to see them make it another year. So thankful for them!!

Numero dos of the weekly five can be summed up as: Project Success. I don't know if you've seen this Sharpie on ceramic bit on Pinterest (I haven't...I heard about it via another blog...) but it's awesome. All those doodling skills you racked up in high school can finally come to something concrete. I'll do a little How-To later this week...not because you can't just look it up now, but so that I can show off some more of them. Because I've been making bunches.

 A surprise blessing was waiting for me at church this past week from my Secret Sister: a brand new journal and Diet Coke for me, and Triscuits for my adorable husband. I don't know who she is, but she knows me. If you're reading this, thank you!!! You are so in my top five favorite things!!

I always think that recipe success is a good thing, and the flavor fest that worked itself out on Saturday for my mom's birthday brunch is DEFINITELY one of my favorite things from the last week. I am beaming with pride and fond, delicious memories over this spinach, bacon, and goat cheese frittata and raspberry ricotta cheesecake. Yes. Please.

Last but not least, my top five includes the fun Dan and I had at the wedding of two good friends of ours. We are so very thankful for the Lord's leading in their lives and are looking forward to what He'll do next.  The wedding was beautiful - they did me the immense honor of asking me to sing and I didn't screw it up - and I danced so much at the reception that my thighs are still sore.  If you add that to the fact that my (free!!) spray tan ended up with my getting compliments instead of Oompa Loompa comments...the day is so worthy of inclusion in this weekly five.

This has been an incredibly fun post.  What a good habit, to reflect on the blessings in life. How about you? What are your five favorite things from this past week?  Let me know. :)

Tune in later this week for an answer to the question that thousands are asking...What's going on with the house??

I.Will.Let.You.Know. For now, I'm going to go and work on it with the hubs. Peace and blessings. 

From the Heart

Let me just start with a little warning to those blog-readers that require visual stimulation...

...this post will have no pictures.

That's not because it's not important, though.  It's just hard to take a picture of something that's happening in your soul. It's hard to even imagine a physical manifestation of a soul...and that's coming from someone who can imagine a physical manifestation of just about every conceived idea.

Are you confused yet? Hang on, because we're only just beginning.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Challenge Accepted

Hey all! This post is going to be a special one, because it incorporates a lot of things that I'm super jazzed about.  One of my favorite blogs, Centsational Girl, is hosting a link party inspired by Pinterest! I am going to link up with a post that involves a little DIY furniture remodel I did for my wedding. See? Favorite blog, Pinterest, DIY, paint,'s bound to be a good time.