Monday, September 17, 2012

The Dog Days are [Not] Over

I feel like a lot of you already know this, but as the most life-altering decision Dan and I have yet made as a couple, I feel that the blog world deserves to know....

....that we got a dog.


Yeah. A dog. Well, a puppy, actually. A six week old, super chill, and beautiful puppy.

His name is Riley and I love him.

I have been spending my time reading about the most effective methods of house training...we've heard good things about crate training, so that's the direction we're going.

It's really so exciting.

So happy.

If you're one of the many people that told us not to do this and are now sadly shaking your head...please just don't take this personally. We're newlyweds, and as much as we could learn from yours, there are some "mistakes" we want to make all on our own. :)

 We're just a few days in, but I'm having so much fun with him.  I can't wait to keep integrating him into our family. Don't you just love dog families? I do. I love dog families. I love dog family stories. I can recite a few of my dad's stories by heart (because they are often told and much loved) and the pet stories are definitely among the favorites. I can't wait to tell some dog stories about Riley!!

I'm off to try and teach my little retriever to...retrieve. If you have any fun dog stories or tips for puppies, I'd love to hear them! If not, have a happy Monday!!


  1. gah! So adorable and I love the name! I'm thinking we'll need to get one or two in the next few years when we have a more permanent address. :) Have fun!!

  2. Looks just like my Bailey!! Dogs are so fun, and we got ours right after we were married as well; not a mistake. Not one bit. :) We've recently taught her to give "knucks". So fun!
    Have fun with this new puppy chapter- and cherish the puppiness! It doesn't last long! When we trained, we got a children gate to block off the kitchen and for the night and while we weren't in the house we would keep her in there and have newspaper spread in one area as the "designated dumping" spot- hah. And the linoleum is just that much easier to clean than carpet.

    We live on the river and in the woods, so Bailey is always bringing home different wildlife. We came home a few weeks ago from our anniversary trip and to welcome us back, Bailey came marching INSIDE the house with a not-so-dead muskrat. Laid it right on my kitchen floor while we were unpacking the jeep. I screamed and as gross as it was, I couldn't be mad because of the "Look what I brought you, aren't you so proud?!" expression on her face that wiggled through her entire little I laughed. The muskrat is just one of many "trophies" she's brought to us. (baby deer, coons, birds, fish, squirrel, etc etc etc) Our poor neighbors all have at least one shoe missing from at least one pair each. I've gotten them about 5 gift cards since Bailey joined our little family. Some guy in the world wishes he hadn't left his fishing pole unattended, though Josh isn't so upset about that find. Bailey reminds me of Marley often. Gets herself into some trouble, but she is so good! So good, we're actually picking up another puppy in about 3 weeks. Yep. We're dog people. :)

  3. I'm so happy for you!!!! My Yorkie makes me beyond happy, and we just added a German Shepard to our family. I love being a dog family. I will add that I also think that crate training is the best way to potty train. And the absolute biggest tip that I can give you is BE CONSISTENT! It's a big mistake that a lot of people make (definitely have been guilty of it myself, specially because my puppy was a 1 lb fuzzball) but it is the absolute (imho) most important thing, next to have more positive reinforcement than negative. Dogs respond well and happily to a strong pack. I also have suggestions on food type but since it makes me sound like I am standing on a soap box :), I will refrain from mentioning how spoiled my dogs are. Unless you're curious.

    This also means that we will have to have a play date. My dogs are energetic, friendly, fetch monsters who would love to be friends with your Riley. Tobias is only 6 lbs, and Hannah is a super gentle female so it'd be great.

  4. cant wait to meet him! how i am the only one who is single and dogless. mini pitty party party of one! yes here i am lol.

    jk super super happy for you guys

  5. He is so adorable! I love that "puppy" smell! Our boxer Gracie was a real challenge to train. We used the crate method which I really believe in but she would go outside to do her business and then come in the house and squat and pee right inside the door! She is so stubborn! But one thing she never did was go in her crate! Good luck and have fun with him!

  6. Love the pics....he seems so settled and comfortable in his new home...all i keep saying is awwwwww,,,,,

  7. Jess He is adorable. I wish we were neighbors, then him and our retriever mix could play. It could be a party! Maggie was already trained when we got her, minus the nervous trickles when new people walked through the door the first few months we had her. haha but I've heard good things about crate training too. Soooo good luck. Retrievers are smart, so hopefully he catches on fast.

  8. When I read that people didn't think you ought to get a dog, I thought something along the lines of, "If getting a puppy that cute is wrong, I don't wanna be right." And then I chuckled cause that was funny. Congrats, Jessica...he's adorable :)