Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kitchen Sneak Peek

There is something about the fall that makes it seem as if every part of life is crazily busy. Dan and I don't have school schedules, or kids with school schedules, or kids at all...but it doesn't change the fact that the busyness of our daily lives increased tremendously in September. Now, as we tumble toward the holiday season at an alarming rate, it doesn't seem like there will be an end in sight.

I suppose that's not all bad. We had a few (and I mean maybe two or three) glorious weekends in the summer that were unscheduled, but for the most part, we are booked. This past weekend we squeezed in eight events. Eight. We are busy people.

I bring all of this up because I have come to realize that my heart's timeframe for the completion of our house is not the same as reality's timeframe. That is okay. I just need to make some adjustments.

For instance, I should stop punishing you for my busyness. I promised MONTHS ago that I would show you the bathroom, but I was waiting on the finishing touches. Well...those finishes still haven't been touched. Is that your fault? No. Do you still want to see the bathroom? I assume yes. Can I show you the unfinished product for now and be okay with it? Yes, I can.

Our kitchen is in the same situation. It has come forward in leaps and bounds since we moved in, but without having a "finished product" to show off, I've been hesitant to post about it. But that is just silly.

So I've decided to give you some sneak peeks. Just a few glimpses of the Hig house as it is right now. In the future, I'll post a grand tour when It's all done. Today, however, I'll step in time with reality.

Today I'll feature the kitchen, since I've gotten a lot of requests about it. Hope you enjoy these snapshots!!

Without seeing where we came from, this might not be that interesting a post. So let's take it back to the beginning...and look at how our kitchen looked in June, when we got married.

Right? We are talking bare-bones, drywall and plywood, not-a-kitchen kitchen.  If you want to revisit some of my previous posts that talk about how I was providing food without a kitchen, go ahead. But be sure to come back, because you'll be happy to know that our kitchen now looks like....

Oh yeah. We've come a long way. It (obviously) isn't done yet, but it is functioning.  I really love it. Here's a closer look at some of the details: our beautiful kitchen sink, lovely floor, and (hopelessly trendy) stainless steel appliances. 

Every day I'm here it feels more and more like home.  It's kind of an interesting thing for your heart to go through...a transition from a house to a home.  I'm proud of it, and comfortable in it...and still I have a gnawing compulsion to keep improving.  We're working on it every day, and it's coming along.

Maybe later I'll get into the details, but for now, this seems like a good sneak peek! We really love about you?


  1. Holy Cow! That is quite the transformation! It looks soooo good! I know its not finished yet, but it already looks so cozy and homey. Its perfect! I'm glad you decided to give us all an "in progress" sneak peak. :)

  2. you are so cool. i can't wait to visit you guys just saying =]

  3. It looks fantastic, Jessica! The really cool thing about it is you get to make it uniquely you, and that's such a good feeling. Now don't get me wrong, I love that we bought a house that we don't have to put a lot of work into. However, I will say that there are things about it that I really want to change to make it me, but because it already looks nice I feel like I can't justify the extra expenses, which as I'm sure you know add up way too fast. But it looks awesome and I hope to see it in person.

  4. That fridge is SAWEEEET. That is so exciting to me so I guess that makes me an official wife-grown-up person. Everything looks awesome Jessica!