Friday, October 25, 2013

Fleece Carrier Cover - Made It!

So, obviously, a lot of my little diy projects are going to be baby-oriented now. I mean we're still in the grind of a remodel, but that has slowed down a lot since Babyhig was born.  It kind of had to since we were screaming through some major renovations, rushing madly to make our house comfortably livable so that waking up for 2am feedings wouldn't end up in our tripping through our makeshift bedroom or impaling ourselves on 2x4s and power tools.


So anyway, I'm excited to be able to continue sharing our renovation progress (and I will!), but believe you me, I am also excited about the baby projects. That is especially true in the case of this fleece cover that I made to go over our carrier. It's probably the only time in my life when something has turned out exactly as I envisioned and I haven't had to make two, three, twelve attempts, AND it came out of my little head only! No pattern or tutorial to follow, and it wasn't a complete mess!

Let me hear you say it: Hallelujah!

Thanks. Now we can move on. 

If you ask me, having a baby-carrier or two on your preggo-registry is completely necessary.  There are certain times when baby just needs to be with you, and those times seem to regularly coincide with when you need to use your hands. Enter the carrier. 


So fun. We have a Moby-style wrap (I made it following this super easy tutorial), but we really like having this one by Infantino as well.  It's great for being on the go, especially when we're going to be outside, because it's quick and comfy, and doesn't involve the risk of yards of fabric falling on the ground and then needing to be washed because of grass stains...*cough*Moby*cough*. 

We only found a flaw with this carrier when we went to the County Fair on a chilly September night.  We didn't want Babyhig's little arms and legs just hanging out to this happened:


Dan does not have Elephantitis of the chest...that's Babyhig, bundled, in the carrier, and then zipped under Dan's sweatshirt.  This was a decent solution, but we happen to like that sweatshirt (Go Tigers!) and I didn't want it to get grossly stretched out, so I started searching for a cover. I found that the ones that do exist are not cute and are very expensive. Lame. So I started searching for a tutorial to make my own. I couldn't find one! So after finding some cute fleece on clearance at Walmart, I decided to do my own thing. I'm pretty pleased with the final product.


Just in case it doesn't seem this way, let me state that I DO wear Babyhig in the carrier on a very frequent basis. Dan is just so photogenic...all my pictures are of him. 

Okay, so that's kind of the final product. It's a lot like wrapping a very warm blanket around your baby, except that it snaps on and is fitted so you can use your hands. Win win. I'm really quite proud of it, and will be sharing a tutorial soon (because there aren't any others that I can find!!), but wanted to get it out there today so that we could all "Ooooh" and "Ahhhhh" together. 

Thanks. :)

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