Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Honey Lemon Purse

I am finally getting to the point in my crafty-life that I feel, dare I say it? Confident. I feel confident.

I feel so confident, in fact, that I volunteered to make a Honey Lemon purse for my friend's daughter when she expressed the need on Facebook. Her young daughter was diagnosed with leukemia, and we have been praying for her as she has battled it. It was a blessing to me to be able to do something hands-on for this sweet girl and her mom, and I'm thankful that I didn't receive a scoff or dismissal when I raised my hand at the opportunity to create this little purse.

Since it had such a special recipient, I wanted it to be really really good. (I would say that I wanted it to be "perfect," but I sort of feel like little imperfections are special in handmade items.) I looked all over Pinterest and the rest of the internet, and was shocked that I couldn't find any thorough patterns or tutorials for this project! There were a couple of cosplay bloggers that had made Honey Lemon outfits, but the purses weren't really fit for a kid's play item. (But PROPS to the person that made their purse complete with a periodic table of elements that lights up. So cool.) Most of the other quick DIY ones were basically shoebox purses, which are fine, but I wanted this to be legit. I thought and I thought, and I thought some more (is that from the Grinch?), and then once I had theorized to my satisfaction, I drew some "plans," consulted with my expert seamstress mom on some details, made patterns for the bear, heart, and some other details, and then got to it.

I was so excited to take pictures of it that I forgot to iron it before the little photo shoot...and I don't know how to photograph purses, so I apologize for the cluttered nature of our porch rail, but here it is in its full glory.

I am VERY happy with the end result. I just decided to do a purple heart (as the purse is pictured in a number of promo images for Big Hero 6) instead of the table of elements because I didn't have time to have special fabric printed, and I was afraid using buttons or felt rounds would look lame. I found those buttons at a JoAnn's, and I think the flat circles make it a little more wearable than balls would have been.

I'm really regretting not ironing before the pictures, but I don't regret the purse. I hear from this little girl's grandpa that the purse was a hit, so I'm glad. So glad.

I might sit Hig2Point0 down when she's five or six and make her watch Big Hero Six so that she'll want a Honey Lemon purse, too. Then I'll get to make another one, and I won't feel dumb for saving the patterns.

What do you think? Have you seen other Big Hero 6 paraphernalia floating around out there? I'd love to make a big Baymax plush toy! Or wings for...what's the guy's name with the wings...?

Anyway. The purse. Ta-daa! Let me know if you're interested in a tutorial! Otherwise I'm satisfied with the brag post, haha.

Happy Tuesday to you!

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