Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 Wrap Up

I can feel the new year creeping up on me, so of course I was thinking about my resolutions post from this past January. I plan to make a few new goals for this coming new year, so I thought a little review of how I did this past year was in order. That way, I can see where my goal-planning needs improvement. I love goals. I'm not great at meeting them, but I have definitely found that setting them helps me be more productive than not setting them. I'm a big believer in setting a high bar, and enthusiastically accepting the marks that will not quite meet that bar. Sort of like the "Shoot for the moon, land among the stars," mentality.

So, a basic recap of my goals, and whether I met them:
1.) Get Physical! 
          - 3 rounds of 21 Day Fix by March 28:: not met
          - Not stated in January, but I have gone through two health challenges that I've enjoyed, so yay!
2.) Be Housewife-y!
          - I wanted to develop routines for keeping my house :: met
          - Dan and I established "reset Saturdays" :: we halfway stuck to this
          - Unpacking a box a week :: NOT met. not even close. 
3.) Sew Myself Silly
          - I wanted to participate in MeMadeMay:: met!
          - I wanted to be a better seamstress:: met!
4.) Hygmalion!
          - I wanted to add at least one item per month:: not met
          - I wanted to double my profits :: met!

Overall, I can see where some of my goals lacked specificity (one of my favorite words to say aloud!) and how I can improve on goal setting, and thereafter on goal keeping! I definitely need some kind of visual reminder of my goals...because once we get into the year I get distracted. I'll be drafting up some of my goals, and will probably post them within a few weeks.

How did you do on your goals? Do you have a record of what your 2016 resolutions were? Are you thinking about goals for 2017 yet? Is seeing "2017" stressing you out? 

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  1. love you. I am proud to know you. Great job at accomplishing so much and sticking to so many goals. It seems goals get lost in February hahaha. Looking forward to 2017 and the close of 2016 is very much welcomed.