Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An F.Y.I. on the Blog Title

So, after just launching, I'm poking around the blog making sure everything is "company-ready" and it occurred to me that a little explanation might be required about the title. I can do that.

The blog was originally going to be all about the re-model of our *brand new* fixer-upper.

The title was originally going to be some kind of homage/spoof to Brand New Key.

Then, lo-and-behold, I realized there were a lot more new things than just the house...and I didn't want to just, end the blog if/when the re-model came to an I went through some different title ideas. "Brand New He" and "Brand New She" were both ousted rather quickly because then it would sound like a 'transformation' blog...and I still liked the nod to Brand New Key...

"Brand New 'We'" it is.



  1. title i get. subtitle i think has an extra "a," but it's probably just one of those "you're too old to get it" things...

    uncle brent

    1. Ha.'re just old enough to catch it. :) Thanks. Sometimes my fingers just get so excited about typing they completely ignore what my brain knows they should do. Will be fixing momentarily.