Thursday, April 5, 2012

What It Is, Yo.

Well, here we are. After much deliberation, and a fair amount of nail-biting, the decision has been made, and this, my second blog, is launching.

Right now.

Why have a second blog, you ask? Well I'll tell you. I'll show you. Things have happened. Things are happening. It started about a year and a half ago, when I was hanging out with a group that looked a little something like this:

And then, sooner than later, pictures started popping up on Facebook that look like this:

And that could only go on for so long before there was another picture like this:

And so then we decided to go ahead and buy ourselves a this:

Okay, so things are happening, see?

Well that's great, you might say, but I don't see how it calls for a second blog.

Allow me to explain.  As of just over a year ago, there were a lot less pictures being taken that look like this:

I moved. Back home. Away from the big ol' LU in the VA. And so, to better share my new life, which will start with my new wedding, and then transition into my new marriage, in my new house, with my new husband... we are.

I will still post at By the Word, don't you fret. (I know, all fourteen of you were like, "WHAAT?" for about half a second, but be cool. I'm still there for you with my infrequent and sporadically characterized musings.) I will just use this space as a more focused area, where I can chronicle my Brand New We-ness. It's kind of a..."Well my life is taking a new turn...this is the turning point," blog that will hopefully be full of all kinds of cooking, crafting, house re-modeling DIY attempts. This should be fun.

(And I'm going to try and keep my posts...less verbose.)

Sound good to you? Let me know you were here, and what you think! Thanks.



  1. Although not tagged to be a part of the launch, I will be the first to comment. I liked it, and will continue to like it I am sure.

  2. Sounds great to me. I'm stoked like a forest fire.

  3. Happy for you Jessica! Best of luck on "real life" and congrats on being a home owner! That's awesome :)

  4. Count me in as a LIKE ... Your writings/musings still make me smile :D

  5. You have given me the inspiration/motivation/encouragement to re-title my blog and make it more about my life seeing as how I never paint anymore... :(