Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wedding Photo Sneak Peek

As our wedding becomes more and more of a memory, and less and less of the focus of my daily life, I find myself wistfully desiring that I lived in a bigger city with needier couples so that I could regularly offer myself as a wedding slave. Not a coordinator, caterer, designer...a slave. That's really what you need, after all, when you're trying to put a wedding together - someone to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to your cause and be willing to face long, caffeine-jacked hours of sappy love songs and burns from hot glue guns...

Yes. That is what I want to be. A glue-gunning, Buble-listening, coffee-drinking wedding slave. 


Nonetheless, life moves on, and to ease the pain of post-wedding-distress-disorder one can always look forward to the day when they receive their wedding photos. (I suppose there is also the alternative of spending time with your brand-new husband, but this is a post about wedding photos so...) I got mine not long ago and was so so so so excited to look through them.  I don't want to post them on Facebook until I've been able to share some of the special ones with some special people, but I thought I would offer a little sneak-peek here on the el blog-o. 

These are some of my favorite shots that are reminiscent of my wedding-slave moments.  I loved all of the DIY touches we had in our wedding...I just loved doing them. And when my friends got there, I was absolutely in my element to have them all gathered around in my parents' living room, hot-gluing, listening to love-songs, sucking down coffee...

Not to mention the glory that is to be had when you're browsing wedding websites realizing how much money you saved by being a DIY wedding-er. So great. Go ahead and join in my happiness as we look at some of my favorite DIY details...

I'm pretty sure I already expounded on my love for our altar in the Pinterest Challenge post, but in case you didn't catch that one I'll repeat that I love it. Love it.

Our centerpieces were simple but, in my mind, perfect.  We alternated between three different designs: book settings (top image), lanterns (bottom image), and a vase and flower setting (not pictured).  I really liked them. 

The flowers, while not exactly DIY, were another detail that I really ended up loving.  We ordered hydrangeas and roses in bulk from Sam's club and the top image is how they looked in the back of the car...soaking in their water. I love that picture. The bottom image is what my bridesmaids carried down the aisle.  I found those lanterns at a Goodwill, and my friend Victoria (gifted at flower-ing) attached a little lace and a single white rose.  Why a single white rose? Well, that's a detail from my relationship with Dan that carried over nicely into the wedding.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak of our wedding photos.  These, and all the rest you'll see, are the beautiful work the lovely Sara Bost. This link is to her Facebook page, in case you want to hit her up yourself for some photos. She did a great job.

What do you think of our little details?


  1. It's lovely, Jessica. Plus, the book centerpieces were like my favorite thing EVER! I'm so glad that I got to be there, and that I'm not just looking at these photos with a wistful "I wish I'd been able to go" feeling. Nope. I'm looking at them with an "I was there and it was beautiful" feeling. :)

  2. As I sit in my living room, love songs on, covered in black acrylic paint, with a 30 foot piece of satin that I'm painting for a ceremony backdrop, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Wedding-full is exactly what my days look like right now, and I'm wondering what will fill my days post-wedding. Thanks for sharing - your photos look like they came out of a bridal magazine. :-)

    PS. Wedding slave sounds like a good career.

  3. First off, I love love loved the little details at your wedding. It was beautiful. And I don't know how you did it, because I feel so overwhelmed even glancing at Pinterest, but it was amazing.

    Secondly, if it's a wedding slave you wish to be, boy, have I got a job for you. When can you start? I'm not creative. I can't put colors together. And I like way too many clashing themes and styles. Teach me, Obi-Wan! :)

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! These pictures came out SO great!! I love that you'll have pictures of all of the wonderful details that made your wedding so you!

  5. Love it all!! I think my favorite is definitely the buffet :)