Monday, March 23, 2015

Guess Who's Back?! [[...not the original Slim Shady]]

Hi everyone! Or should I maybe say, "Hi...anyone?" If there's no one out there with me, I can't say it would be much of a surprise. It has been way WAY too long since I've posted regularly. With the exception of last month's post about my grandma, it's been over a year!

NO bueno. 

I love blogging. I love sharing projects and updates on our life...both for your sake and for mine! I love the idea that I can look back at Brand New We over the years and see snippets of our life. I definitely don't want to lose that. 

And speaking of snippets, last year is seriously lacking!! Considering that 2014 was Babyhig's first full year, that's another no bueno. So here are a couple of highlights to catch us up. 

In February of 2014 we had the privilege of traveling to Arizona on a work trip with a group from our church.  My older brother is on staff at a (very cool) camp ministry out there that has had some exciting opportunities for development over the last few years. Those opportunities included relocating and building at a brand new property...up in the mountains in the middle of a national forest! The camp is completely off the grid; they sustain all of their own electricity, water, plumbing,'s incredible. Plus. Beautiful. It was such a pleasure to be able to help with some of the work. The seven month old Babyhig and I even got in on some painting.

In March I became a consultant for Jamberry nails (look them up if you haven't heard of or tried them!!) and it was wonderful! It only lasted for a short time, for reasons forthcoming, but I was so blessed by the company and the experience. And the manicures. 

There was an exceptional amount of travel that happened. Dan, Babyhig, and I took a road trip to Virginia, which was a soothing balm to my soul in ways I cannot begin to explain. My parents invited Babyhig and me to join them on their spring break trip in Florida. I was also able to host some visiting friends, and I remember those visits with incredible fondness and a fair amount of longing. "Lucky" does not truly describe this blessed life. 

I was so so blessed to be involved with a number of weddings last year. It is always so humbling to be asked to participate in any way, even just as a guest. So thankful for the loved ones with whom I could celebrate!

Remember how we've been slowly but surely remodeling this lovely little home? We were able to give the out of doors some much needed attention in a porch makeover last summer. More photos to come! 

Babyhig's first birthday party came and went without too much emotional trauma for me. I'll probably do a follow up post for the sake of my memories, but for now I'll just say that despite its being devilishly hot, it was so fun to pull together.

And of course, the longest-running element of last year, the reason I decided to stop being a Jamberry Consultant, the inspiration for our dcurrent hunt for a new home, my motivation for wanting to return to the blogosphere, and the cause of my consuming too many McDonald's breakfast sandwiches...

Hig2point0. She's due March 23rd. That' Oh goodness. 

So hopefully that will do as a sort of "catch up." Since my lovely readers are mostly made up of my friends and family, I imagine none of this came as much of a surprise. I hope it helped you to reminisce over the past year a bit, too, and stir up some hopes and excitement for the rest of this one. 

I declare that I am officially "back."

I need a little help, though. I think some of my inability to be consistent here has to do with my feeling a to my purpose here. So please tell me, what types of posts would you best like to see? DIY tutorials? My musings on family, faith, life? Updates on our remodel process? I need a little direction...or at least permission to carry on in an aimless, wandering sort of way. I'd also welcome any advice or suggestions about how frequently to post, and how to set up accountability for that. 

I realize it's a little informal, me asking like that, but hey. It's my blog. It'll be fine. 

Thanks for being here with me!! Welcome back!


  1. I'm a fan of aimless. I just picked up my blog again, deciding to get out of the food thing and just kind of work out my life through my blog. I still post things I find interesting and random health things I see but I've loosened up on the criteria. Makes things feel more free and I'm more likely to update.

    If you want, we can motivate each other. Every time I do a post, I'll send it to you and you know, ask you what you think. Then that will motivate you to work on your blog because it makes you think, "Wow, I love writing. I should blog more" And then when you do a post, you send it to me and make me think, "Darn it, Jessica is blogging more than me and she has TWO kids. I only have three dogs, I should be able to at least keep up with her." And so on and so forth. I also can send you occasional emails asking for a blog post. Because, you know, I'm good at that sort of thing. :)

    1. You've got yourself a deal...especially if we're agreeing to be aimless. I think I expect myself to randomly be "discovered" and have my blog just blow up overnight, and I fear that if I'm aimless it will ruin that.



      Aimless is probably where I should live. I want to just do this because I enjoy it. Google already shot me down and said I couldn't monetize, so this is 100% hobby, and I'm down with that. I like to write.

      I need to write!

  2. That was weird. It did not put the nickname I asked it to. So I'm commenting again so you know it's me.