Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Big Hig Happenings

Hello interwebs. (Why does "interwebs" make me laugh?)

I'm a little excited and a little nervous to share with you today. There's big happenings here.
And of course, as always, I'm a little ashamed, because it's taken longer than I wanted for me to get around to writing. You want to know far that shame goes? Far enough to delay me in reading my friend Kayla's latest post because I didn't want to comment there until she could also comment here. We're blogging buddies, and she's winning.

I don't know if my "nesting" stage from pregnancy is just sort of having a hangover, but I have been project-ing a LOT lately.

(Not "projecting" as in throwing an image, feeling, or opinion onto a secondary platform, but project-ing, as in I took the word "project" and made it into a verb to indicate that I have been doing them. Projects. Isn't language fun?)

I have been knee deep in sewing, finishing a quilt for Hig2Point0 (my first ever quilt! I followed this tutorial from See Kate Sew), a skirt for my little brother's wedding, some baby toys, wet bags for friends...I'm actually starting to feel pleased at the conclusion of a project rather than embarrassed and confused. I've also been tinkering around with hand-lettering, making some gifts for friends and family. I even got my domestic on yesterday and made these Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb bars with produce from our first CSA box. (So good. Follow the link, get the recipe, eat the bars.) Really enjoying the creative process lately...if not always the creation itself. ;) I'll get there!

And of course, Dan and I have been project-ing hard around the house. I've been deep cleaning, donating, organizing, rearranging, staging everything I can get my hands on. Dan has been sprucing, finishing, hammering, sawing, man-working everything on the honey-do list. We've sort of been running ourselves ragged. It's got a purpose, though. We're not just crazy. We have something we want to do...

We want to sell the Hig House.

Some of you are probably thinking, "Mehhhh old news, I am clicking onward into the interwebs." That's fine. Some of you might be like me, though, and thinking, "Really? Already? But...it JUST became the Hig House like yesterday! Moving?"

Yeah. I hear that. Don't be confused, we aren't exactly bursting at the seams of our home yet. (Should that be "bursting at the beams?") We could, and might, stay right here for a few years longer. At the same time though, it's starting to feel tight. Babyhig is rather active, regularly bouncing off the walls, floors, corners, dog...yes, that's literal bouncing, and there just isn't quite space here for a padded cell, err, room for him.

(That's a joke. Don't be mad.)

So it's tight. And even though we already have a boy and girl, we aren't done having kids, Lord willing. (That's NOT an announcement. We're selling our house. That's the only announcement here.) So hopefully things will get tighter. Hopefully we would be bursting at the beams of this home in the future.

There are mixed feelings. I look around our beautiful little home and see everything that we have done, everything that has changed in the short time we've been here. It's filled, sort of excessively, with our adventures in DIY...the curtains, the lamp, the table, the mudroom bench, the sign over the fridge, the fringe bunting over the fireplace...and I wonder if that's annoying to any of our visitors. Then I start thinking about our visitors, about SO MANY friends that I haven't had the chance to welcome into this home, and I so wanted to. (Why does everyone live so far away?) Then I start thinking about the friends that we have hosted, and I smile at how gracious they are to have been willing to sleep in our cramped quarters on our too-tired couch, or squeeze around our table for a meal or board game.

I look at our fireplace and immediately remember how excited I was the first time we looked at this house. I couldn't wait to decorate for Christmas. Of course, at that point, the mantle was painted orange...as was the ceiling, and the rest of the trim in the living room. The kitchen was a dark hole with seventy years' worth of wallpaper peeling away. The bathroom was unusable, the bedrooms were gross. The porch was lame. We did so much work. This home is so beautiful now.

That's not even mentioning the memories. The day we brought Babyhig home...I was a mess. The day we brought Hig2Point0 home...less of a mess. The day we brought Puppyhig home! The day I realized hardwood floors didn't have a lot of defense against puppies and babies. Making Babyhig laugh for the first time. Enjoying Babyhig's exploration of our home as he learned to walk...and then quickly realizing that coffee tables and toddlers didn't mix. Moving the coffee table out, and enjoying that emancipated space in our living room watching Dan and Babyhig rough-house and chase each other around.

Our first Christmas, when I did get to decorate and hang stockings I had made and hand-stitched. A slow, somewhat bittersweet realization that Dan and I would only have one Christmas to ourselves. A fast, joyful tearing of wrapping paper as Babyhig realized the true mess-making potential that Christmas day holds.

Sorry for the memory-gushing, but hey, BNW is here for me, too...it's like an online diary. And what better way to process memories than in your diary?

Hig2Point0 won't have as many memories here if we move...and that makes me sad. I want her to see it. Want her to be home here. Want her to enjoy it.

Mixed feelings, indeed.

It's not a done deal. We made an offer on another home, and it was accepted, but the sale won't go through unless we sell this one. So we aren't definitely moving.

But we might.

So that's the latest of the Hig Happenings. I want to show you all we've done here. I still have a lot of the "before" pictures, so I'll give you the "afters" so that you can see the transformation, and so that I can cherish it years down the road. Until then. :)

**If you are interested, or know someone who might be interested in our adorable home, email me for the listing information. (That's for friends and family, only. You know what they say...stranger danger.)

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