Friday, January 29, 2016

Sweet & Small & Pink -- Valentine Minis!

Valentine's Day get's such a bad rap, which is a bit perplexing for a holiday whose main celebratory food is chocolate. Thanks to having a birthday that falls within two days of the 14th, plus a mom and grandma who almost always surprised my brothers and I with little Valentine treats (seriously, I was always'd think I would have been expecting it after awhile...), the day of love doesn't bum me out at all. I mean, come on! Don't you remember having class parties for Valentine's day? Remember decorating your little shoebox so it would be ready to receive all the sweets and little notes from your classmates? Remember picking out the funniest/cutest/subtlesthintoflove Valentine for your crush? Remember that feeling of horror and dread that he would figure out that you liked him the instant you lost it forever to the slot in his exquisitely decorated shoebox?

*Sigh.* Nostalgia.

I say we bring it all back! There has to be someone in your life that doesn't make you miserable, right? Give them a little love on Valentine's Day! And speaking of "little"...why don't you give them one of these Valentine Minis!

I'm really proud of (and not at all mad about) the way these turned out. From the pink marbling to the glinty gold accents, these were all made by hand, by me. Be honest, how much fun would it be to find a bar of dark chocolate and one of these little love notes on your pillow? Or your desk? Or in your coffee cup? Or under your keys? And how much more fun would it be to leave one?

See? You know. You know that you actually want to be in second grade right now, dropping one of these in your spouse's super cute shoebox, totally unashamed at your expression of love. (Not that you want to be married in second grade...what...?)

On a note of distraction...why was the idea of my affection going public so scary? I mean...I nursed a SUPER secret crush for six years. Six. Years. I now am married to a man who (fingers crossed!) is totally aware of the fact that I like him...and it seems to be working for us...

Back on track. Don't be afraid of the fact that these are "Minis"...they're approximately the same size valentine that one second-grader might give to another. The nice thing is that they're juuuuust "mini" enough that I can offer free shipping! Wahoo! And those teeny envelopes? Don't be mad if you love them. I do too.

So you can have these. You can hop over to my Etsy shop, Hygmalion, and buy a set of six. Of course, you can also participate in a little fun and maybe win a set for free! Here's how:

 1. Find and "Like" the Hygmalion Facebook Page

No big thing, right? You "like" stuff all the time! If you're feeling daunted, I've made it simple--just click on the words "the Hygmalion Facebook Page," and you'll find yourself staring at a new thumbs up...just ready for the clicking. 

2. Tag your Valentine

In case I haven't made it clear--a Valentine doesn't have to equal romanticos. It can be a relative a friend...or I suppose even a foe. (Love your enemy, right?) So once you find the Hygmalion page and the post with these sweet little Valentines, comment with the name of your Valentine. Show a little love!

See, isn't it easy? You can do this. You could win! You have until 2pm on Sunday to get in on this. I'll hit the post office on Monday!

Serious moment. Whether or not you're as starry-eyed about second-grade memories as I am, I really hope you have a great Valentine's Day. You were created for relationships and love--again, we're not only talking about being romanticos. It means so much to me that in something as "commercial" as this chocolate holiday, I can be reminded of my creator & savior. You are loved.

I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for blogging twice in one week...I'm going to try not to blow it by posting on Monday with some of my new favorite recipes! (Remember how I'm starting another round of the 21 Day Fix? Recipes. Ta-daaa.) And if my shop seems a little scantily-stocked at the moment, don't worry, I've got a few more things "in store." (Ha! Ba dum chhhhhh!)

Have I converted any Valentine's Day haters? Did you find the page? Can anyone else relate to the strange mix of longing and terror that is an Elementary School crush? 

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